Paolo Giachi - Buttero - Milan


Milan, Italy

Mono-brand store

The Tuscan family-owned brand Buttero chose Corso Garibaldi for its first location in Milan. The store, open and visible from the street, is designed to communicate the company’s expertise in handcrafted shoes and their timeless leather designs. Divided into 2 storeys, the ground floor caters to the customers with a combination of tradition and modernity – hence the cash desk area was created with an old working counter and a mirrored surface tech-style desk. The wood cladding niche system places each shoe in the collection into its own display niche. The upper storey, reached by an industrial spiral staircase, welcomes the customer with a special flooring of different pieces of leathers chosen from the company’s vast selection. The result is a fusion of rawness and elegance which recalls the true essence of the brand Buttero.